Welcome to the School Safety Law Toolkit. The Texas Legislature has enacted laws addressing requirements relating to school safety and security. Educators, community partners, and parents should be aware of these mandates, not only to ensure state compliance, but also to establish effective school safety practices in their respective districts.

If you are familiar with a previous version of this toolkit, then you will notice several major enhancements to make this information more helpful in understanding school safety laws and best practices. Specifically, this toolkit now organizes relevant bills and laws into the following sections:

Section 1: Legislative Updates – This section includes updates relating to school safety from past legislative sessions. For the 86th legislative session, the information is presented in two sections.

  • School Safety Bills of the 86th Legislature: As always, we will continue to provide a review of the most recent Texas Legislature’s decisions concerning school safety.

  • What and When – School Safety Laws of the 86th Legislature with Due Dates: This section provides a list of new additions to school safety mandates and includes when districts must have these items completed.

Section 2: School Safety Law Topics of the 80th Through 86th Legislatures - This is a cumulative collection of all current laws related to school safety. We will continue to expand this section with each future legislative session. In this section you will also find numerous additional resources to help you accomplish one of your many priorities as a school, providing a safe and secure environment for your staff and students.

Each of these new sections is presented as a separate PDF document with links to relevant bills, laws, and resources. The following key will help you understand these references.

Bill and Law Reference Tutorial

Thank you for all you do to make your schools as safe and secure as possible; it is the desire of every person at the Texas School Safety Center to help you accomplish this important responsibility. As a result, please take advantage of all the free resources and trainings that we offer and reach out to us if you have any questions concerning how to create and maintain a safe, secure, and healthy school environment.

The 86th Legislature made significant changes to, and created, many laws related to school safety. To help schools understand these changes, the Texas School Safety Center has developed a separate resource, the Legislative Guidance Video Series, linked below, that includes videos and updates on the following topics:

  1. Emergency Operations Plans (EOPs)
  2. School Safety and Security Audits
  3. School Safety and Security Committees
  4. Threat Assessment
  5. Charter Schools and Community Colleges
  6. Other Legislative Changes

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Legislative Guidance Video Series

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