Toolkit Update Notice

This Toolkit has NOT BEEN UPDATED to include legislative changes from the 86th Texas Legislature, including SB 11. Updates to this toolkit are in progress, but in the meantime you are encouraged to review our Legislative Guidance Video Series for updates on the recent changes to school safety laws.

The Texas Legislature has enacted laws addressing requirements relating to school safety and security such as bullying, emergency management, “sexting,” and school violence, among others. Educators, community partners, and parents should be aware of these mandates, not only to ensure state compliance, but to establish effective school safety practices in their respective districts.

This tool can be used as a resource for finding current school safety legislation. Applicable topics are listed below with additional resources to help schools meet legal requirements. Please be aware that this tool does not provide information about all laws, rather it focuses on mandates related to school safety and security. Refer to the Texas Legislature for all applicable legislation.