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Active Threat Toolkit


This toolkit provides resources for districts to complete an Active Threat Annex to their Basic Plan, which addresses district actions and responsibility through the five phases of Emergency Management. You will find multiple resources linked in this toolkit, including an Active Threat Annex template and completion guide to help you complete your annex. You will also find relevant TxSSC, state, and federal training courses and resources. Access the Toolkit

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Mandatory Drills for Schools


As required by Texas Education Code Section 37.114, the TEA Commissioner, in coordination with the Texas School Safety Center and State Fire Marshal, has adopted rules for mandatory school drills for public school districts and open-enrollment charter schools. The Texas School Safety Center has updated the following resources to reflect these new mandates: Training, Drilling and Exercising Toolkit and the Drill Guidance for Schools Document.

Hurricane Quick Reference Guide for School Administrators


School districts in the Texas coastal region benefit from year-round planning for hurricanes due to the enormous potential for impact to their operations. A crucial step in this planning process is making sure the district multi-hazard emergency operations plan is up to date and addresses all five phases of Emergency Management: Prevention, Preparedness, Mitigation, Response and Recovery. The Texas School Safety Center has prepared a Hurricane Quick Reference Guide for School Administrators to assist in their planning efforts.

Continuity Of Operations Plan (COOP) for Schools


In Texas, school districts are required to have a district multi-hazard emergency operations plan (EOP). A vital part of a comprehensive EOP is a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP), which is a guidance document on how to continue operations under adverse conditions. The current COVID-19 outbreak has made updating or implementing a district COOP extremely important. To support these efforts we have updated the COOP template.
Download the COOP Template