School Safety Law Toolkit

86th Session Updates (2019)

The 86th Legislature made significant changes to, and created, many laws related to school safety. These changes are presented in two sections:

School Safety Bills of the 86th Legislature

This section details those bills enrolled by the 86th Legislature that have implications for school safety. The PDF document below is organized by bill. The topics listed under each bill are also included in the School Safety Law Topics section of this toolkit. Each entry includes a link to the bill and a link to the section of the code that the bill amended or added.

Download the Bills of the 86th Legislature Document

What and When: School Safety Laws of the 86th Legislature with Due Dates and Times

This section provides a list of what is new to the mandated school safety list and includes when you must have these items completed. Additionally, included at the end is a list of laws required of other agencies, not of districts, that districts should consider taking advantage of to assist them in improving their safety measures.

Download the What and When Document

Throughout these documents, links in gold will take you to another part of the document, and links in blue will open a browser window and take you to a webpage.