SBLE Introductory and Intermediary Trainings

The SBLE Courses are FREE and cover the core topics relevant to SBLE Officers and support our mission to serve schools and communities towards creating safe, secure, and healthy learning environments for all. School-Based Law Enforcement demands high standards, full commitment, and ongoing training in a variety of critical topics.

TCOLE #4064 Course

The Texas School Safety Center School-Based Law Enforcement training division will host 40, TCOLE #4064, 20-hour, two-day trainings to help school districts comply with legislative changes requiring districts employing a peace/resource officer to create a policy requiring officers to complete education and training before or within 180 days of placement (the 30,000-enrollment minimum no longer applies).

TCOLE #41501 SBLE Introductory Course

(Replaces old TCOLE 3952 Basic SBLE Officer Certification Course and also meets the requirements of TCOLE 4064)

TCOLE #41501 SBLE Introductory Course is provided by the Texas School Safety Center and was accredited by TCOLE. This course was developed to train school-based law enforcement officers in the areas that are fundamental to working in schools. The course is comprised of 28 sections, delivered over four days, which includes topics such as the history of school-based law enforcement, juvenile law, bullying, and suicide prevention. You must take this course (or TCOLE #41500 TtT) before you can take TCOLE #41502 SBLE Intermediary.

TCOLE #41502 SBLE Intermediary Course

TCOLE #41502 SBLE Intermediary Course is provided by the Texas School Safety Center and was accredited by TCOLE. This course was developed to equip School-Based Law Enforcement officers with expanded knowledge and skills needed to be successful working in concert with school and community partners and explore new and different topics relevant to the work of a SBLE officer to prevent problems, create safe environments, and divert youth from the juvenile justice involvement. This course is comprised of 17 sections, delivered in four days, that include topics such as FERPA for SBLE, Legalities for responding to student crisis, Identifying potentially dangerous persons in our schools, Standard Response Protocol, Relational Practices – SRO Leadership, Texas Council on Family Violence and Child Exploitation.

SBLE Advanced Course

The SBLE Advanced Course is provided by the Texas School Safety Center and is in the process of being approved by TCOLE. This course was developed to advance the knowledge of School Based Law Enforcement officers with additional tools and methods to be successful in their daily duties. This course will have 10 sections, over a 4-day period that will include topics such as SBLE roles in improving campus climate and culture; SBLE & administration working together, K-9 awareness in schools, teen killers, Magnus Leadership & School Marshal overview, School Guardian Program overview, Excited Delirium in schools and lessons learned in the Santa Fe incident.
*Completion of TCOLE 41501 and 41502 is prerequisite for the SLBE Advanced Course

For more information about the 2019 SBLE Courses, please contact Joe Munoz at .