TCOLE #41505 SBLE Master Training

In-Person Training

TCOLE #41505 SBLE Master Training

The TCOLE #41505 SBLE Master Training is provided by the Texas School Safety Center and is accredited by TCOLE. Participants will receive 32 hours TCOLE credit upon completion of this training. This training will provide a deeper dive into school-based law enforcement best practices and will continue to build on the already established SBLE curricula of the Introductory TCOLE #41501, Intermediary TCOLE #41502, and Advanced TCOLE #41504.

This training will cover a multitude of topics related to the area of school-based law enforcement delivered over 4 days, that include topics such as:

  • Gain knowledge on investigative strategies to effectively work social media investigation
  • Gain knowledge on geofencing and how to utilize this tool when working criminal investigations within the SBLE role
  • Gain knowledge of the importance of strategic planning when addressing school safety
  • Gain knowledge on the consequences surrounding inappropriate relationships as it pertains to the role of SBLE
  • Gain knowledge on the latest research on the development of the adolescent brain
  • Take a deeper look into the role of school-based law enforcement in social media investigations
  • Gain knowledge on effective leadership skills within the SBLE role
  • Gain knowledge on a new policing model which includes pillars for success within SBLE

PLEASE NOTE: The TCOLE #41504 Advanced Training must have been completed prior to registering for this training.

You must attend the entire training to be eligible to receive 32 hours TCOLE credit. If a portion of the class is missed, the entire training must be made up at a later date. Please email if you would like to reschedule.

TCOLE #41505 Agenda

August 2023

San Antonio, TX

August 8 - 11, 2023
7:00 AM - 5:00 PM CT

ESC 20 1314 Hines San Antonio, TX 78208


PLEASE NOTE: This training is free. Participants are responsible for travel/meal expenses. TxSSC will not have hotel blocks for this training.

For more information about the TCOLE #41505 SBLE Master Training or registration information/questions, please contact