The TxSSC hosts trainings, summits, and conferences. In order to ensure quality content and delivery, as well as customer satisfaction, we collect attendee evaluations following each event.

We assess key aspects of each event including event duration, session content, presenter delivery, perceived knowledge/skill acquisition, and intent to recommend the event to a colleague. We also request open-ended comments regarding content and delivery. All data are analyzed per item and synthesized into practical, actionable recommendations to enhance attendee experience.

For trainings, we also conduct pre-post knowledge assessments to ensure participants learn key takeaways as a result of attending. Knowledge assessments help us identify areas where presenters need to provide more emphasis during trainings to better accommodate attendee needs. We continuously refine our assessments in accordance with data collected to ensure the questions are understandable to attendees and assess key takeaways from training curriculum.


Download SST 2022 Training Statistics Infographic
Download SST 2022 Training Statistics Infographic