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Board of Directors

The TxSSC is advised by a Board of Directors consisting of 15 members required by statute to convene a minimum of four times per year. The board is required to be composed of the attorney general, the commissioner, the executive director of the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission, executive commissioner of the Texas Youth Commission, commissioner of the Department of State Health Services, the commissioner of higher education or designee or any of their respective designees. In addition, governor appointments to the board include a juvenile court judge, member of a school district’s board of trustees, administrator of a public primary school, administrator of a public secondary school, member of the state parent-teacher association, teacher from a public primary or secondary school, public school superintendent who is a member of the Texas Association of School Administrators, school district police officer, and two members of the public. The responsibilities of the board include the following:

  1. To approve the TxSSC’s budget for programs that further the TxSSC’s legislatively prescribed purposes or responsibilities and that fall within the TxSSC’s express or necessarily implied powers.
  2. To report to the governor, the legislature, the State Board of Education, and the Texas Education Agency by January 1 of odd numbered years a biennial report. This biennial report shall consist of any findings made by the TxSSC regarding school safety and security and the TxSSC’s functions, budget information, and strategic planning initiatives.
  3. To advise the TxSSC.
  • Jason M. Burdine

    Member of Board of Trustees

  • Jill M.Tate

    Texas Parent Teacher Association

  • Jenna Heise

    Health & Human Services Commission

  • Bryan Hedrick

    School-Based Law Enforcement

  • Allison Geddes


  • Judge Daniel F. Gilliam

    Juvenile Court Judge

  • Paul A. Robbins

    Member at Large

  • Robert Martinez

    Office of the Attorney General

  • Andrew B. Kim


  • Robert L. Long, III, Ed.D.

    Primary School Administrator

  • John Wyatt

    Texas Higher Education

    Coordinating Board

  • Megan Aghazadian

    Texas Education Agency

  • Marie Welsch, PhD, LPC

    Texas Juvenile Justice Department

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