Safety and Security Agreements Toolkit

4.1 Legal Provisions

TEC. Sec. 37.108 (a) requires that district plans provide for:

(3) Measures to ensure coordination with the Department of State Health Services and local emergency management agencies, law enforcement, health departments and fire departments in the event of an emergency;

Texas Government Code 418.017 provides that:

(a) The Governor may use all available resources of state government and of political subdivisions that are reasonably necessary to cope with a disaster.
(b) The governor may temporarily reassign resources, personnel, or functions of state executive departments and agencies or their units for the purpose of performing or facilitating emergency services.

School districts have various resources that may be needed in an emergency event, including:

  • Buses – evacuation
  • Equipment – backhoes, tractors
  • Facilities – temporary shelters; satellite offices, dispensing sites
  • Fuel – transportation
  • Personnel – police officers, drivers, counselors

A number of agencies or organizations may approach the district including:

  • American Red Cross – shelters
  • Emergency Medical Services – staging of emergency vehicles
  • Local Police Department – temporary satellite sub-stations
  • Neighboring Districts – trauma counselors
  • Public Health Agency – space for immunizations