Safety and Security Agreements Toolkit

1.2 Identify Sources of Assistance

Determine potential sources of the identified resources. The local Office of Emergency Management, local first responders, neighboring districts and members of your School Safety and Security Committee can provide information and direction. A School Safety and Security Committee structured according to the guidance provided by the Center would include representatives from law enforcement, the local health authority, local mental health organizations, and other entities integral to emergency management. These committee members will be instrumental in resource identification. Sources include:

  • Boats – fire department
  • Communication Capacity – ARES (local ham radio operators)/GETS (Governmental Emergency Telecommunication Services)
  • Drones – law enforcement, private companies
  • Health Services – Department of State Health Services, county public health agency
  • Law Enforcement – neighboring district, local police, local sheriff’s department
  • Reunification Sites – churches, private schools, convention centers
  • Robots – local or county law enforcement
  • Trauma Counselors – neighboring school district, local mental health authority
  • Volunteers – Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)
  • Private sector business partners

Safety and Security Committee Guidelines