Youth Preparedness Events Toolkit

4.4 After Camp

Now that your training has been a huge success you are finished, right? Not quite! Within 24-28 hours after the event ends, we recommend having a team meeting to walk through the agenda and make notes about what went well, what needs improvement and what needs to be adjusted or fixed before the next training. This is also a good time to jot down any notes you might have about students in particular who stood out during the event in case they apply to be a Youth Mentor for the next event!

You should also plan to provide on-going support of the teams’ action plans. Set a few times throughout the year to follow up with the teams, see where they are in implementing their projects and what assistance you can offer them.

Lastly, a pre- and post-test comparison is a great way to show knowledge and skills gained during the event. These numbers can be helpful as you plan for future events in knowing where to place more emphasis during training, which aspects of the agenda were most helpful. The results can be used as you apply for funding. You can download a sample Baseline Evaluation for the first day of your event and the End of Camp Evaluation to make edits specific to your event.

Baseline Evaluation
End of Camp Evaluation