Recognizing and Responding to Teen Dating Violence Toolkit

2.6 Curriculum Materials

paper and electronic materials

Each school board must also adopt a policy for the process of adopting dating violence prevention curriculum materials (Texas Education Code 28.004). The School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) is responsible for recommending appropriate grade levels and curriculum for instruction on topics including dating violence. Before adopting any curriculum materials, the board is responsible for ensuring that the materials are based on SHAC advice, the content is suitable for the subject and grade level intended, and that it is reviewed by academic experts. The board is authorized to determine the specific content of the instruction, including the essential knowledge and skills which address these topics developed by the State Board of Education.

The school board, with SHAC input, is responsible for the decision of whether instruction will be provided on dating violence, and if so, the selection and addition of course materials, curriculum, and instruction. If dating violence prevention instruction will be provided, school districts must make all curriculum materials available to parents. If the materials are not copyrighted, districts must send a copy to a parent upon request, and they must post the materials on the district's website. If these materials are purchased and copyrighted, districts are required to ensure that their purchase agreement provides for a way for parents to review the materials either at the student's campus or online, while complying with copyright laws, or to purchase a copy at a price no higher than the district paid per unit.

Before each school year, districts are required to provide written notice to parents on the board’s decision of whether instruction will be provided on dating violence. If instruction will be provided, certain requirements, including a detailed description of the content, schedule for instruction, parental rights, and grievance procedures must be included in the parental notice. Districts must have written parental consent before students may be instructed on the prevention of dating violence. The request for parental consent must be provided before the 14th day before the instruction begins. In other words, parents must opt-in for their child to receive this instruction.

Districts must make reasonable efforts to make age-appropriate educational materials on the dangers of dating violence and resources available to students.

TASB created a list of frequently asked questions regarding dating violence in public schools, and answered questions related to dating violence policy requirements, curriculum and instruction requirements, raising awareness, and responding thoughtfully.