K-12 Standard Response Protocol Toolkit

Appendix B: Red/Green Card, Med Card, Roll Cards

Provided are three different versions of the SRP visual status indicator cards. One should be placed with a student roster in the classroom. During an Evacuation from the classroom, teachers should bring both the SRP card and the roster to Evacuation Assembly point. Teachers should fold the card to indicate status of the class or group.

SRP suggests consulting with local law enforcement about suggested cards practice.

While three different versions are available, please select the one that fits your practices. The following pages represent the fronts and backs of each version of the SRP card.

Card Guidance

This guidance document was created by The "I Love U Guys" Foundation for you to understand how and when to use the different cards.

Note: It is not recommended that these cards be utilized for a LOCKDOWN. There will be time to take roll and communicate needs once the initial threat has been contained, however sliding a card under the door may compromise the protective actions and affirm someone is in the room.

Download The Card Guidance Flyer

Download The Cards

(Click above image to download Medical Card)

Download Red/Green Medical Card
  • Green Card (OK) - All students accounted for, no immediate help is necessary
  • Red Card (Help) - Extra or missing students, or vital information must be exchanged
  • Red and White Cross (Medical Help) - Immediate medical attention is needed

Schools may opt to use the SRP single sheet advisory which can be folded to any visual indicator.

Red Card/Green Card/Roll Card

An alternative design to the Red/Green/Med Card is the Red/Green/Roll Card.

(Click above image to download Roll Card)

Download Red/Green Roll Card

Red Card/Green Card/Alert Card

Another alternative the Red/Green/Alert Card.

(Click above image to download Alert Card)

Download Red/Green Alert Card