K-12 Standard Reunification Method Toolkit

3.2 Actions and Considerations

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Parents Will Begin To Arrive

Parents will be arriving at the impacted school. Often with a Lockdown event, adjoining schools will go into Secure. Parents may be arriving at those schools as well.

illustration of schoolhouse safety officers and children

Mobilize Reunification Team

Contacting the Superintendent and determining the Reunification Site are among the first actions taken. If the site is another school, early release may be necessary.

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Support and Investigations

Regardless of criminal activity, law enforcement support will be necessary at both the impacted school and the reunification site.

illustration of officer roles security perimeter control investigation traffic control

Casualty Care

If necessary, Fire and EMS will establish Casualty Collection, Triage and Transport areas. Many fire departments are also willing to assist in the transport and reunification process, if they are not actively responding to crisis.

illustration of triage tag and responders