Safety and Security Agreements Toolkit

2.1 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

An MOU is a written agreement designed to ensure that needed resources are available. An MOU is generally recognized as binding; however, a legal claim cannot be based on the document. It should be customized to the capability or resource for which the agreement is developed. It formalizes the commitment of one district, agency, or organization to another and defines the responsibilities of the parties, the scope and authority of the agreement, as well as the terms and timelines. The assistance is approved by leadership.

The sample MOU below illustrates an agreement that would be developed after the district’s gap analysis identifies the need for alternative communication capacity following a natural disaster. The sample describes the parties, the purpose and their expectations or principles of cooperation. It also addresses cost, the requirements for amending or terminating the agreement and liability.

Sample MOU (A)
MOU Template