Safety and Security Agreements Toolkit

1.0 Overview of the Agreement Process

To begin the process, members of the district emergency planning team will review the hazards identified in the emergency operations plan and the responses planned. They will identify the tasks required to accomplish the responses and the resources needed to be successful. If all resources are not available, the team will perform a GAP analysis. This analysis will identify the specific needs.

Once needs are identified, the team will locate a source, seek a commitment, negotiate an agreement, and ensure that it is executed. Once executed, the agreement must be maintained. This may include on-going up-dates, periodic reviews, and training requirements.

For example, a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between school-based police departments might specify joint active shooter training. A Mutual Aid Agreement (MAA) addressing counseling services might require Psychological First Aid (PSA) or National Organization for Victims Assistance (NOVA) training.