A Parent's Guide to School Safety Toolkit

2.0 School Safety

Drug-free zone sign outside of school

The Texas School Safety Center understands that school safety is a primary concern for parents and guardians. This toolkit has been designed to be a resource for parents and guardians regarding school safety concerns and to answer questions parents and guardians may have. Each topic will include:

  1. A brief overview of each topic and why it is a school safety concern.
  2. Highlights of relevant Texas laws.
  3. Specifics you need to know as a parent or guardian, and, if applicable, what your child should know.

Each topic also provides guidance for you, as a parent or guardian, on how to support your child and school.

The Texas Education Code (TEC) includes all laws and rules passed by the Texas Legislature and applies to educational institutions that are supported (in whole or in part) by state tax funds. An overview of these key mandates (as of the 88th Texas Legislative Session in 2023) is cited. Additional resources are placed at the end of each topic.

  • For more information about school safety laws, the TxSSC has created a separate toolkit linked below. (Note: The link below will open in a new tab.)

  • TxSSC School Safety Law Toolkit