School Safety Law Toolkit

Senate Bill 507

The bill requires school districts and charter schools, on the request of a parent, board trustee, or staff member, to provide equipment including video cameras in self-contained classrooms or other special education settings in which certain students received special services. Each campus that received equipment is required to place, operate, and maintain the video camera in each self-contained classroom or other special education setting in which the majority of students in regular attendance were provided special education and related services; and were assigned to a special education setting for at least 50 percent of the instructional day. Cameras must record audio and be capable of covering all areas of the classroom or setting with the exception of bathrooms or areas in which a student's clothes were changed.

The bill requires school districts and charter schools to provide parents and staff with written notice that video monitoring cameras are to be installed prior to installation, but does not require the district to secure parental consent. The bill prohibits a district or charter school from placing a camera in the classroom or special education setting of a student whose parent has sent a written objection to the district or charter school within 30 days of notification. The bill requires a school district or charter school to keep the recorded video for at least six months after it was recorded, and prohibits regular or continual monitoring of video recorded under this section by a district or charter school. A school district or charter school is allowed to solicit and accept gifts, grants, and donations to use for placing video cameras in classrooms or special education settings.

The bill applies beginning with the 2017 - 2018 school year.

See section in the Texas Education Code:

Video surveillance of special education settings.