School Safety Law Toolkit

Senate Bill 195

This bill allows a district or county to apply for, and on of approval of the commissioner, receive an additional amount of up to 10 percent of its regular transportation allotment to be used for transportation amendments. The bill allows for funding toward the transportation of children living within two miles of the school they attend who would be subject to hazardous traffic conditions, or a high risk of violence if they walked to school. Funding could also go to programs under which children living in an areas subject to hazardous traffic conditions or high risk of violence are escorted by adults as they walk to school.

Each board of trustees shall provide to the commissioner an explanation of the hazardous traffic conditions or areas presenting a high risk of violence applicable to that district and shall identify the specific hazardous or high-risk areas for which the allocation is requested. A hazardous traffic condition exists where no walkway is provided and children must walk along or cross a freeway or expressway, and underpass, an overpass or bridge, an uncontrolled major traffic artery, an industrial or commercial area, or another comparable condition. An area presents a high risk of violence if law enforcement records indicate a high incidence of violent crimes in the area.