School Safety Law Toolkit

House Bill 332

A school district shall include, in its multi-hazard emergency operations plan, a policy for school district property selected for use as a polling place under Section 43.031, Election Code. In developing the policy under this subsection, the board of trustees may consult with the local law enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the school district property selected as a polling place regarding reasonable security accommodations that may be made to the property. This subsection may not be interpreted to require the board of trustees to obtain or contract for the presence of law enforcement or security personnel for the purpose of securing a polling place located on school district property. Failure to comply with this subsection does not affect the requirement of the board of trustees to make a school facility available for use as a polling place under Section 43.031, Election Code.

Polling Place Safety Checklist

School district campuses and facilities may from time to time serve as polling places. While the district endeavors to maintain the sanctity of the election process, the safety of students, faculty and staff remain the primary responsibility. As such, election officials will be asked to remain cognizant of the importance of a safe and secure campus and will work with the facility manager or principal. In order to maintain district safety and security, the district should consider the items contained in the checklist.

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