School Safety Law Toolkit

House Bill 1009

Created a new category of law enforcement officer called a school marshal. A school marshal may exercise all authority given to peace officers to prevent an offense that threatens serious injury or death of anyone on school property. There may only be one marshal per 400 students. Furthermore, the school marshal must be appointed by the individual school board, hold a valid concealed handgun license, and attend an 80-hour training program after submitting to a psychological exam. The marshal may not carry his/her weapon if his/her main function involves regular, direct contact with students. The school marshal bill (HB 1009) presented a new - but not exclusive - option for school districts that choose to authorize concealed carry on school premises by designated employees. Per Senate Bill 1857, the Department of Public Safety must establish a process to enable qualified handgun instructors to obtain a school safety certification. This certification will allow the instructor to provide school safety training to district or OECS employees who hold a concealed handgun license. The training will focus on student protection, first responder interaction, tactics to deny an intruder entry, and accuracy under duress.

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