School Safety Law Toolkit

2.0 School Safety Law Topics of the 80th Through 86th Legislatures

This section of the School Safety Law Toolkit contains an extensive list of alphabetical topics beginning with the 80th legislative session and will be updated with each subsequent session.

Please note that within this section multiple titles have been used for the same topic. Using the gold “See: Topic” links will help you find specific content in the toolkit. For example, the user who searches for the topic of Tobacco will find a note referring them to the Cigarettes, E-Cigarettes, and Tobacco topic. The purpose of these notes is to help different users have access to the same information without repeating content in multiple places in this section.

The topical content of this section covers public school, open-enrollment charter schools, and community colleges. As a result, not all topics are mandated for all educational institutions. Those topics that specifically mention charter schools and community colleges are identified with icons:

Charter Schools:

Community Colleges:

However, both charter schools and community colleges are encouraged to refer to, and consider implementing, the topics not mandated for them as they are best practices.

Links to Additional Resources are included at the end of many topics in this section.

Throughout this document, links in gold will take you to another part of this document, and links in blue will open a browser window and take you to a webpage.

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