HE Safety and Security Audit Toolkit

2.0 HE Safety and Security Audit Guide

Campus safety is the responsibility of everyone-faculty, staff, students, parents, and the community. A safety audit provides an overview of facility safety by identifying areas that need improvement and also those that are commendable. This proactive process ensures students are achieving their ultimate learning potential in a safe and secure environment. The Higher Education Safety and Security Audit Guide was developed for public junior colleges and other institutions of higher education to use when conducting safety and security audits of district facilities as required under TEC §37.108. This audit guide was developed to assist each junior college district by providing a methodology to identify current conditions and practices as well as to assist in the development of action plans to address those areas in need of improvement. The procedures and programs in the guide are recommended and it remains up to the district to determine if the practices identified in the guild are those that the district will utilize, based on their needs, capabilities and environment. The guide will provide information and task-specific job aids for constructing a district audit team, conducting safety and security audits, producing the written report, and protecting sensitive audit information.