Active Threat Toolkit

3.0 Additional Resources

This section provides additional resources from the Texas School Safety Center and federal agencies.

  • Texas School Safety Center Resources

  • Best Practices for Safety in Portable Instructional Buildings

    This document outlines safety and security best practices developed to assist schools in ensuring student safety and the safety of all persons in portable buildings used for instruction.

  • Behavioral Threat Assessment and Management Toolkit

    This toolkit introduces the concept of threat assessment and outlines how a threat assessment program functions in a school setting.

  • Digital Threat Assessment Toolkit

    This toolkit will introduce you to Digital Threat Assessment, including basic techniques for conducting internet searches and verifying whether an image is stock or unique, and it will provide a more in-depth look at some of the most popular social media platforms among youth.

  • K-12 Standard Response Protocol Toolkit

    The K-12 Standard Response Protocol (SRP) Toolkit offers guidance and resources for incorporating the Standard Response Protocol into a school safety plan for critical incident response within individual schools in a school district.

  • Federal Resources

    Please Note: While the federal guidance documents below are good resources, they may not correspond exactly with Texas legislative mandates. As a result, adjustments may need to be made to ensure compliance with Texas laws.

  • K-12 School Security Guides and School Security Survey

    Resources available via the link above provide preventive and protective measures to address the threat of gun violence in schools. These documents outline action-oriented security practices and options for consideration. While the primary audience for these resources is the K-12 community, institutions of higher education or pre-K schools may also benefit from the information presented.

  • USSS NTAC Mass Attacks in Public Spaces (2019)

    This study examines 34 targeted attacks that occurred in public or semi-public spaces (e.g., schools, places of business, houses of worship, open spaces) from January through December 2019.

  • USSS NTAC Averting Targeted School Violence (2021)

    In this study, the National Threat Assessment Center examined 67 disrupted plots against K-12 schools from 2006-2018. The key findings of the study are clear and consistent: Individuals contemplating violence often exhibit observable behaviors, and when community members report these behaviors, the next tragedy can be averted.

  • FBI Active Shooter Incidents: 20-Year Review, 2000-2019

    This report encompasses statistical data regarding 333 active shooter incidents in the United States between 2000 and 2019.

  • Averted School Violence Data Collection System

    The Averted School Violence (ASV) reporting system, developed with support from the COPS Office, will allow law enforcement officers, school personnel, and mental health professionals to share “close calls” in order to improve school safety and prevent tragedies.