Toolkit Update Notice

This Toolkit has NOT BEEN UPDATED to include legislative changes from the 86th Texas Legislature, including SB 11. Updates to this and other Toolkits are in progress.

Texas Education Code 37.108 requires districts to adopt and implement a multihazard emergency operations plan (EOP) that must provide for district employee emergency response training and mandatory school drills and exercises. Current law does not specify a required list of mandated drills with the exception of fire drills, all other drill and exercise requirements are established by the district’s own emergency operations plan.

TEC 37.108

Training, drilling, and exercising are key features of a comprehensive emergency management program and facilitate the establishment of a culture of preparedness. Preparedness builds the capability to respond effectively and recover from emergency incidents. Regular training, drilling, and exercising using pre-determined and appropriate protocols will reduce the possibility that students and staff become victims in an emergency and ensure that responses are well executed.

In addition, all stakeholders must be aware of their roles and responsibilities before, during, and after any type of emergency. Therefore, all training, drilling, and exercising should be mapped to the Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan (e.g., off-campus evacuation sites, warning systems, communications plan, reunification process, etc.). All students and staff should be provided with an appropriate level of training and included in drills and exercises. In an emergency, their knowledge of emergency procedures and protocol can reduce confusion, panic, and perhaps serious injury.

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