Safe School Teen Ambassadors

The Texas School Safety Center believes in young people's ability to contribute to and be part of the solution when creating safe schools. When young people are provided with training, support, and opportunities to engage their peers, they can help reduce violence and create a positive school climate.

Therefore, TxSSC is developing a statewide program focused on engaging middle and high school students in school safety initiatives to shine a light on what students see. The Safe School Teen Ambassadors program will provide youth an opportunity to work on initiatives such as campus safety, building connectedness and positive social norms among their peers, and increasing awareness about the dangers of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and other drugs.

Does your campus or district include students in school safety initiatives? We want to hear from you! The Center invites administrators and other school personnel who are actively including students in conversations or activities about their campus/district's school safety efforts to contact staff and share more.

For questions about the Safe School Teen Ambassadors Program, please contact staff at