Youth Preparedness Events Toolkit

3.3 Action Planning

During the action planning segments of the agenda, students work with their respective teams to create a plan to increase preparedness at their school or within the community. Youth Mentors walk the teams through a series of team-building activities with each session to solidify the topic of discussion. During the closing session of camp, each team will present their plan to the entire group.

Here is an overview of the Action Planning Process Guide ():

  • Session 1 Develop a Clean Objective: What do we want to address? 90 Minutes
  • Session 2 Identifying Individuals and Resources: What do we need? 60 Minutes
  • Session 3 Defining Steps to Take: How do we get there? 90 Minutes
  • Session 4 Pulling it All Together: What does the plan look like? 75 Minutes
  • Session 5 Presenting Your Plan: What is most important to share? 60 Minutes


  • The following document provides an outline for teams to add the details of their action plan throughout the process so that they leave with a completed written plan of action.
    Action Planning Template
  • The linked below slides assist in guiding teams through the action planning process and provide the instructions for the included activities.
    Action Planning Slides