Youth Preparedness Events Toolkit

2.2 Adult Sponsors

Adult sponsors are a key part of your camp. Not only do these individuals agree to travel with and supervise their students at the event, they are asked to participate in the activities and exercises, to engage in the CERT training, and to support their students during action planning. This means that they are an integral part of the team, not just a babysitter or bus driver!

Once they are on-site, the adult sponsors should be expected to:

  1. Supervise their students and help keep an eye on other students.

  2. Participate in all exercises and training segments.

  3. Be responsible for students once we dismiss them at night.

  4. Stay on campus.

  5. Monitor students to ensure everyone follows the code of conduct and dress code.

  6. Support and encourage students during action planning.

  7. Engage in team-building activities with their students.

  8. Ensure their team is on time to all scheduled activities.

  9. Have fun and learn something!

Being an adult sponsor can be challenging, so we want to ensure that they gain the skills and knowledge they need for their team to be a success when they return home. Giving them multiple opportunities to network with the other adults also allows them to build their own support team so they can keep in contact once everyone goes back home.


  • The information included in the following packet includes everything the adult sponsors attending need to know about the event. It includes location information, final registration details, an outline of the event, and a draft agenda.
    Adult Welcome Packet