Youth Preparedness Events Toolkit

1.3 Location

Location needs will vary depending on the format of camp, but basic needs include:

  1. Meeting room for CERT course instruction – large enough for tables and chairs, typical presentation set up (computer, projector, speakers, etc.).

  2. Activity / Exercise room – a large, empty space that can stay open for general use throughout camp.

  3. Break Out space – at some points during the action planning process, it is helpful to have some smaller areas that teams can move into for small group discussions.

  4. Outdoor space – for fire suppression you will need a hard, flat surface (parking lot, sidewalk, etc.) and for search and rescue you will need more of a field or grassy location that will provide some level of hiding ability.

  5. Final Exercise space – a mixture of indoor and outdoor space, some areas where mock victims can be spaced and hidden, enough room to set up a command post, triage center, medical treatment area, etc. so that participants can move through the steps of establishing control of the scene.

If you are hosting an overnight camp, you need sleeping space! Boys on one floor, girls on another floor.

If you are serving meals, a cafeteria-type space.


  • The document below is a one-page checklist of things to consider when choosing a location to host your youth preparedness event.
    Location checklist