School Safety Spotlight Program

Overview of Recipients for FY 18

- indicates an overall recipient for fiscal year.

Quarter 4 (FY-18)

Dr. James Largent, Superintendent, Granbury ISD
Student/Peer-Led Groups and/or Programs

The Granbury ISD Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee (SSAC) initiated a focus on school safety, security, and youth preparedness for 2018. This youth-based advocacy committee is representative of the entire student body, provides a venue for students’ concerns to be heard, and has even resulted in the acquisition of a narcotics dog (Ben the drug dog) as a result of concerns about increased drug usage in the community.

“The Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee meets quarterly with Superintendent Dr. James Largent to share the students’ viewpoints—insights, concerns, and recommendations—pertaining to improving the school district. With a focus on school safety, security, and youth preparedness in 2018…this strategic collaboration between the youth, school leaders, and community stakeholders is employed to harness the leadership of youth as positive influencers in establishing a whole-community approach to …emergency preparedness.” Submitted by: Dr. Victoria Calder, Master Instructor, U.S. DOE REMS/TA Center

Greg Brauer, Assistant Principal, Judson MS, Judson ISD
Staff/Faculty Development and Training

Mr. Brauer, an Assistant Principal at Judson MS in Judson ISD, has exceeded expectations in preparing and empowering the students, teachers, and staff on his campus in emergency preparedness. This year, he created an active shooter exercise for Judson MS and trained both students and staff. With support from the campus Principal, he arranged for all campus staff to attend CRASE training and collaborates regularly with first responders and community groups toward improving all campus safety drills and exercises.

“This year Mr. Brauer created a practice active shooter exercise for Judson Middle School. In preparation for this, he trained both students and faculty/staff, and even collaborated with a church in the vicinity, as well as with local police and fire. Doing this, Mr. Brauer empowered both students and teachers/staff to know what they can do to protect themselves.“ Submitted by: Tina Hickman, Judson MS/Judson ISD

Lt. Michelle White, San Antonio ISD
Outstanding Individual Service

Lieutenant Michelle White is an outstanding member of the San Antonio ISD Police Department, who is dedicated to training district staff on all aspects of school safety. Lt. M. White is also an instrumental part of the Children’s CIT training, not only to the SAISD PD, but also to other departments in the area. She utilizes the Texas School Safety Center, the “I Love You Guys” Foundation materials, and her own past experience in working with mental health providers and other agencies to make her training unique and applicable.

“Lieutenant Michelle White is a motivated individual dedicated to training all staff of the San Antonio ISD in all aspects of student/staff safety. Her experience, as well as her collaboration with mental health providers and other agencies make her training unique. In addition to playing a great part in drills, assessments, and maintaining a dedicated group of Emergency Operations officers to assist her, Lt. White is an instrumental part of the Children’s CIT training not only to the SAISD Police Department, but to other departments throughout the area.“ Submitted by: Lieutenant Javier Rodriguez, San Antonio ISD

Azle ISD
Collaborative/Community Partnerships

Located in three different counties, Azle ISD partnered with their district food service provider to implement a free lunch/breakfast program with law enforcement and first responders with the goal of ensuring that their local police department, as well as county officials, become familiar with district campuses and can better assist in case of an emergency. This incentive to increase law enforcement on campuses has also provided a unique opportunity to develop relationships among students, staff, and first responders.

“Azle ISD is partnering with SFE, the district’s food service provider, to offer free breakfast and lunch to local and regional police, sheriff, state patrol, and all other available first responders. …we believe this provides an opportunity to develop relationships with students and familiarize officers to our schools. …we also want to show appreciation and support to all of our first responders…without a huge cost.“ Submitted by: Tanya Anderson, Superintendent, Azle ISD

Stephen Searles, Student Services Coordinator, Brazosport ISD
Positive School Climate/Prevention Programs

Upon recognizing the need for prevention and intervention of at-risk students across the district, Brazosport ISD has maintained a six-year partnership with a non-profit, community organization called True to Life Ministries (TTLM). Club Belay and Student Success Coaches provide mentoring and deep support services in ways the district alone cannot provide to students struggling with significant home, discipline, attendance, and/or mental health issues. In addition to contributing to a safer, more secure and positive school climate, the TTLM staff participates in BISD staff development, including training in Capturing Kids Hearts and Teen Leadership, and collaborates with district counselors to provide skill-development, resources, and ongoing relational support for students.

“Brazosport ISD partners with True to Life Ministries (TTLM), a community organization to provide a strong prevention/intervention mentoring program for at-risk students at both high schools and the district’s discipline alternative campus. Student Success Coaches (mentors) work with students referred by campus administrators in a one-on-one setting to provide interventions and in-depth support beyond which the district alone could provide outside this partnership.“ Submitted by: Dr. Robin R. Pelton, Brazosport ISD

Quarter 3 (FY-18)

Chief George White, Anna ISD
Outstanding Individual Service Award

Chief White has served the students and staff of Anna ISD as a School Resource Officer, and in 2017, he completed his first year as Anna ISD Police Chief. The Anna ISD School Board trusted his years of experience in law enforcement in which led to the creation of the Anna ISD police program and setting forth its policies. Chief White oversees the district’s Defender Program and collaborates with safety professionals from the United State military to design creative ways to ensure that all campuses remain safe for all staff and students.

“Chief White has made a tremendous impact on making the campuses at Anna ISD safer. He maintains visibility on all campuses and creates positive relationships with students and parents which build trust. All decisions regarding policies and procedures are made to ensure that the individuals in the district are safe.” Submitted by: Tressi Brown, Anna ISD

Boerne Independent School District
Staff/Faculty Development and Training

The Boerne Independent School District promotes its emergency preparedness as equally important to increasing academic achievement. Whether it is for commencement planning, a PTO fundraiser, a field trip, a football game, or routine school day activities, the Boerne Independent School District encourages the use of written action plans that are prepared in collaboration with campus and/or district emergency response teams and partners from their first responder community.

“Whether it is for commencement planning, a PTO fundraiser, a field trip, a football game, or routine school day, we encourage the use of written action plans that are prepared in collaboration with campus and/or district emergency response teams and partners from our first responder community.“ Submitted by: Henry Gideon, Boerne ISD

- indicates an overall recipient for fiscal year.