School Safety and Security Audit Toolkit

2.0 School Audit Reporting

Information collected during a facility safety and security audit should be included in a written report that will be reviewed by the school principal or facility manager, the district safety and security committee, and the superintendent or their designee. The information collected and reported will be a vital component in updating and improving the campus and district emergency operations plans and in the development of improvement action plans for each school or facility and the district. The district superintendent or their designee will decide how best to disseminate facility information into a district-wide report that must be shared with the district’s board of trustees. The district board of trustees must be informed about safety and security in district schools and facilities in order to help facilitate improvements.

Information collected from facility audits will be included in the submission to the Texas School Safety Center (TxSSC), for inclusion in the statewide District Audit Report (DAR). The purpose of the DAR is to provide key results of the safety and security audits completed by Texas public school districts. These results are incorporated as aggregate data into a statewide public report.