Severe Weather Toolkit

4.0 Tabletop Exercises

This section provides tabletop exercises for use in school districts, open-enrollment charter schools, or public junior colleges. Tabletop exercises are small group discussions that walk through a scenario and the courses of action a school will need to take before, during, and after an incident to lessen the impact on the school community. Participants problem-solve together through detailed discussion of roles, responsibilities, and anticipated courses of action. Tabletop exercises leverage a defined scenario to direct discussion and may need an experienced facilitator, depending on the complexity and objectives of the exercise.

Severe Weather Basic Tabletop Exercise

This document walks you through a basic “high-level” (also known as an executive-level) tabletop exercise for a severe weather incident. This discussion-based tabletop exercise should take approximately 30-45 minutes to conduct. The goal is to address how a school district, open-enrollment charter school, or public junior college will respond to and recover from a severe weather incident.

Severe Weather Basic Tabletop Exercise (TxSSC, 2022)