School Safety Law Toolkit

House Bill 3597

Effective Date: June 18, 2021

School safety language and provisions are updated and clarified in several areas.

  • Corrected language to ensure that all five phases of emergency management are addressed in a district's multi-hazard emergency operation plan.
  • A school district is only required to adopt a policy for train derailment in their multi-hazard emergency operations plan if a school district facility is within 1000 yards of a railroad track. (This previously stated 'campus' and is now required for every facility, which includes campuses and support buildings).
  • Directs the commissioner, in consultation with the Texas School Safety Center (TxSSC) and state fire marshal, to designate the number and type of mandatory school drills, which are not to exceed a total of eight drills.
  • Requires that superintendents must ensure to the greatest extent practicable that expertise in nine areas be represented on each Safe and Supportive School Program Team. (Removed the requirement for the superintendent to ensure that all expertise was represented.)
  • Reduces the time (from six months to three months) in which the TxSSC must notify the TEA that a school district has not reported the results of its safety and security audit to the TxSSC. The TxSSC must also notify the district of its requirement to conduct a public hearing. This subsection applies to school districts only.
  • School districts that enter a memorandum of understanding (MOU) or mutual aid agreement (MAA) addressing school safety and security are required to, at the Texas School Safety Center’s (TxSSC) request, provide a copy of the MOU or MAA to the TxSSC. Copies provided to the TxSSC will remain confidential and are not subject to disclosure under TX Government Code Chapter 552.
  • Entitles the TxSSC to obtain the criminal history record information from the Texas Department of Public Safety on a person registering with the TxSSC to provide school safety or security consulting services under TEC 37.2091.