School Safety Law Toolkit

House Bill 2073

Effective Date: June 15, 2021

The governing body of a “political subdivision” (i.e., school district, junior college district, county, municipality, or special district) must develop and implement a paid quarantine leave policy for peace officers who are employed by, appointed to, or elected by the political subdivision. A peace officer has the meaning assigned in Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Article 2.12.

The leave policy applies if the peace officer is ordered to quarantine or isolate because of a “possible or known exposure to a communicable disease while on duty.” The policy must require that the peace officer on paid quarantine leave receives all compensation for the duration of the leave, and reimbursement for costs related to the quarantine such as lodging, medical treatment, and transportation costs. The leave must be ordered by the peace officer’s supervisor or the health authority of the political subdivision. A peace officers’ benefits including sick leave, vacation leave, holiday leave, or other paid leave may not be reduced in connection with the paid quarantine leave.