Fentanyl Prevention and Awareness Toolkit

4.0 Naloxone Resources

This section provides access to information about naloxone and its role in responding to an opioid overdose. Resources include sites for ordering naloxone, educational training, and toolkits for correct administration.

UT Health San Antonio

Naloxone Texas - Free Naloxone

Distributes life-saving naloxone and evidence-based training to organizations and individuals across Texas.

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Lifesaving Naloxone

Topics covered on this site include naloxone's effectiveness, guidance on its safe administration, and resources for obtaining this life-saving medication.

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State of Texas Assistance Request (S.T.A.R.) Portal

Law Enforcement request form for free Naloxone

The State of Texas Assistance Request (S.T.A.R.) is a resource request and fulfillment process that entities can use in all phases of emergency management to obtain necessary resources. By selecting the Law Enforcement Request Form for Naloxone, schools and organizations can request free naloxone for their campus or community.

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Texas School Nurses Organization (TSNO)

Narcan Toolkit

This toolkit was designed to educate school districts throughout the state on the proper administration of emergency medication for opioid reversal. The kit includes instructional videos, protocol documents, checklists, and links to order naloxone.

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