Facilities Access Management Toolkit

2.0 Trainings

This section provides information and links from multiple agencies to trainings not only directly connected to the online course, but also additional suggested trainings. Unless stated otherwise, all trainings are free for school districts, open-enrollment charter schools, and public junior colleges to attend. These trainings can enhance your skills and knowledge of school safety.

Trainings for Facilities Access Management Annex Development

AWR375 - Risk Management for After School Activities and Interscholastic Athletics (TEEX, NCS⁴, DHS, FEMA)

This course aims to enhance the safety and security awareness of individuals responsible for organizing, supervising, and supporting after-school activities and interscholastic athletics. This innovative training will provide an online platform for learning while improving the awareness level of security and resilience within school districts and communities hosting special events and interscholastic athletics.

Additional Suggested Trainings

While the following courses focus on large events, remember that “large” is a relative term depending on the size of your district. Thus, the content of these courses will help you prepare for any large crowd sport or special event.

AWR167 - Sport and Special Event Risk Management (NCS⁴, DHS, FEMA)

The Sport and Special Event Risk Management course is designed to build sport and special event risk management capabilities for community-wide collaboration and mitigation. Through activity-based training modules, safety and security teams will increase their knowledge of planning, risk assessment, training, and continuous improvement practices.

MGT404 - Sports and Special Events Incident Management (NCS⁴, DHS, FEMA)

This course emphasizes the unique aspects of response to an incident occurring during a sports/special event, including considerations for business continuity and after-action activities. Please note that this course has a limited offering with priority to large venue sporting and special events.

MGT412 - Sport and Special Event Evacuation and Protective Action (NCS⁴, DHS, FEMA)

The Sport and Special Event Evacuation and Protective Actions course helps sport and special event managers prepare and/or enhance their event action plan through incorporation of flexible and scalable protective measures. These measures can be used in isolation or in response to a larger, multi-agency response initiative. This innovative course helps venue operators, first responders, emergency managers, law enforcement, contractors, promoters, and owners of events to collaborate on evacuation and sheltering plans with actionable decision criteria that can be adapted for almost any event.

MGT440 - Enhanced Sports and Special Events Incident Management (NCS⁴, DHS, FEMA)

This course is scenario-based, focusing on event planning, incident management, and policy-level decision-making. The course is intended to prepare participants for the response to a large-scale incident during sporting or special events.

MGT466 - Sport and Special Event Enhanced Risk Management and Assessment (NCS⁴, DHS, FEMA)

This course provides participants with tools and methodologies for conducting venue-specific and event-specific risk assessments. In the course, participants will utilize assessment outputs to make risk mitigation decisions and determine how to measure the effectiveness of decision-making. This innovative training will introduce methodologies designed to complement and expand on national critical infrastructure framework guidelines. The interdisciplinary course stresses the importance of leveraging and applying proven practices to a wide range of sport and special event safety and security risks.

MGT467 - Sport and Special Event Public Information and Emergency Notification (NCS⁴, DHS, FEMA)

The methodologies and techniques used to deliver timely and accurate information in a complex, dynamic information environment are challenging to any community or organization hosting a mass gathering. This course brings planners, operators, communication professionals, government, public safety, and marketing professionals together in an effort to prepare and/or enhance venue and event communication programs. The course prescribes best practices for common communication pitfalls and provides flexible and scalable solutions to a wide range of scenarios.

MGT475 - Crowd Management for Sport and Special Events (NCS⁴, DHS, FEMA)

This course will provide participants with tools and techniques for conducting crowd management and crowd control.