Course Summary

The emotional turmoil and social isolation you try to impose on others by bullying, harassing, threatening, and pressuring to send or share pictures or video will seem mild compared to the emotional and social isolation you feel after being convicted of one of the above laws. Separation from being forced to attend a different school, go to jail, have no use of the internet for years, and the additional impact on your future life (jobs, college, relationships) is not worth the short-term thrill! Your life plans probably don’t include hanging out with sexual predators in prison.

Right now, you may be thinking:

  • That would NEVER happen to me
  • My parents would protect me
  • I'm only kidding around; it's not serious
  • Nobody will ever find out

WARNING - Those are your Cognitive Biases LYING!!

  • Dunning-Kruger Effect
  • Presumptive trust
  • Confirmation bias
  • Illusion of personal invulnerability
  • Unrealistic optimism

All these kids thought that too!...

The Cost of Bullying & Sexting

When Your Kids Do Not Sext & Bully
When Your Kids DO Sext & Bully

  • Social Freedom

    • Live where you want
    • Attend a school of your choice
    • Attend school events
    • Have internet in your home
    • No surprise home searches by probation & parole
    • No courts, gossip, or court appearances
  • Social Devastation

    • Removed from school, teams, clubs
    • Ankle monitors do not go with Prom or Graduation attire, even if you could go
    • Parents of other kids don’t want you around
    • Probation officers are a buzzkill
    • Most Judges FORBID internet access as a part of sentencing for cybercrimes
    • Sneak on the web = Go to jail!
    • Very few visitors in out-of-state prisons
  • Digital Tattoo Clean

    • Scholarships for sports, grades or activities
    • Get the jobs you want
    • Clean background and credit checks
  • Digital Tattoo Shows Bad Character

    • Flagged background and credit checks
    • Disclose convictions on applications for life
    • Colleges do not want you
    • Companies see a BAD RISK, bad life choices
    • Future partners and in-laws steer clear
  • No jail, fines, civil suits

  • Fines, Probation & Civil

    • Parents can be charged, jailed, fines, sued
    • 1st offense could be $4000.00 fine + 1 year in jail
    • Federal charges mean out of state prison
    • Possible life in prison if someone commits suicide
  • Lives & Families Flourish

  • Lives & Families Destroyed

    • If another kid kills themselves because of your actions, the victim's family will HATE YOU and your family. You will have guilt & anger
    • Family accounts taken by an internet predator
    • Your family may have to move
    • Devastate parents' and siblings' careers, lives, etc.
  • Unlimited Options for LIFE

  • They get a short-term thrill; your whole family pays for

If you have already made some BAD decisions:

  • Someone is currently blackmailing you.
  • Worried that your digital tatto will haunt you?
  • You have sent pics out you regret.

Don't trip, life is not over!

Being blackmailed? Contact the authorities, If they are not responsive (remember this is still a new “crime”) contact the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Digital tattoo repair - you can’t erase it, but you can admit, apologize and educate!

  1. Apologize
    • In person, be specific! Tell people you have hurt you are sorry.
    • On-line (name not specific) you are now aware that your past (bullying, harassing, beggin/sharing, pics, etc.) was not cool, you're sorry and are changing your ways.
  2. Damage Control – Stop NOW!
    • DELETE all pictures, text messages, tablet games, etc. empty trash, cloud backups. Feeling EXTRA thorough? Reformat your hard drive.
    • DELETE all your old nasty, negative post, then delete the account and start fresh. It won’t stop a deep data recovery dive, but it sends a message, you are not that person anymore.
  3. Become an ADVOCATE
    • STOP bullying when you see, hear, or read it. Holier-than-thou need not apply. DO YOU and think about what will work for the other person.
    • Be consistent. Looking to front for the sake of future success? Don’t bother, your digital profile is you, your friends, and everywhere your phone and IP address go.

Everybody loves a comeback kid! Nobody wants to be associated with a criminal.

Remember you don’t take your social status with you out of high school, but your digital tattoo will be there waiting for you! Good luck on your test. Safe surfing!