Several years ago, the term “digital footprint” was coined. However, as industries such as data brokers emerged, people realized that this description was not accurate, a “footprint” sounds as if it can be erased. The fact is, all digital data is collected, stored, sold to companies (and criminals) and is as permanent as a tattoo--more actually.

Every SEARCH, COMMENT, PURCHASE, PICTURE, TWEET, SHARE, GAME, SNAP, LIKE, CALL, is recorded in your digital profile and becomes a part of BIG DATA. Everything associated with your name, cell number, email and IP addresses, is SAVED forever and cannot be deleted. Even while incognito or in anonymous apps, your history is tracked and recorded.

Watch the video below and ask yourself:

  • How many people were uninvited to Harvard?
  • How many years did they work to get there?
  • How many seconds did it take to ruin their dream?

Video | 2:48

FACT: There is NO DELETE OR ANONYMOUS on the web!

There are NO laws prohibiting the collection, selling or purchasing of this information by businesses. Even when the U.S. passes laws (as other countries have), the internet is world-wide, and digital secrets are thought to be the currency of the underworld in the future. For now, algorithms searching massive computers calculate a person’s character from their data and that of the people with whom they associate. Anyone with money can access this. The only person who can keep your digital profile clean is YOU!

Watch the video below and ask yourself:

  • Why would Universities not want to give scholarships to people with a history of bad decision making on the web?

Video | 3:20


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