Predators, individuals, or organized crime can be extraordinarily patient, whether it’s the grooming process or holding pictures until there is a significant event in that person’s life (e.g., college acceptance, marriage, new job, etc.). They obtain information about the victims from their contacts, social media, the dark web, their family, school, company, etc. Then they threaten to send the pictures of video to all the contacts unless they get paid with money, more images, videos, or sex.

Watch the video below and ask yourself:

  • How many types of social media were used?
  • Why did the victims think they were safe?

Video | 4:31

Watch the video below and ask yourself:

  • Identify the human biases she admits to having BEFORE being victimized.
  • At the end of the video, what does she wish?

Video | 5:13

Sextortion is one of the fastest-growing global crimes. It’s not just perpetrated on teen victims. Organized crime has become very active and proficient in sextortion. NCIS has warned all U.S. Military personnel to be careful because they are specifically targeted.18

Regular, non-military, boys, teens and men across the world are targets. Usually, for money (your parent's banking information and credit cards), but victims have also been forced into sex and to commit crimes. Many suicides have been attributed to escaping the humiliation of themselves and their families. You need to share this knowledge with your friends, brothers, etc.

Watch the video below and ask yourself:

Internet predators are apex bullies with no guilt about ruining people’s lives.

  • Do you think most pre-teen boys have the maturity to resist Jess?
  • What could you say to other teens to convince them of the dangers?

Video | 1:59

Resources for Fighting Sextortion

The adult party line is “just say no,” yeah, right. Easy to say as an adult with 20/20 hindsight! But as a teen, with your biases, peer pressure, and hormones fully intact, it’s NOT QUITE THAT EASY. Here are tools that will help you respond to bullying, begging, prude-shaming, and if-you-love-me-baby stylishly and humorously. “Send This Instead”19 Free App on Apple and Android - This free app has tons of funny roast memes ready to send!

You may have noticed there have been many sexual harassment stories in the media lately. The best way to take control of our rights and sexuality is to value it. Respect is earned, respect yourself, and expect others to respect you. Sending out hot pics is fun tonight but invites abuse now and blackmail later. Likewise, DO NOT ALLOW boyfriends, girlfriends, predators, bullies or criminals, known or unknown, local or across the world to manipulate you, use you, or decide your value and limit your future!! LASTLY, support each other! We collectively can set the sexual tone at jobs, schools, etc. Work with sisters, brothers, and friends to raise the bar high and keep it there! In short, do not allow others to bring you down because you are choosing to respect yourself.

Watch the video below and ask yourself:

  • Do you think Don’t Get Sextorted and Send This Instead are valuable tools in fighting teen victimization? Why?

Video | 1:30
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Also check out the free app at

The ZIPIT20 App is based in the UK. It is a free download can be used by any sex for any sex. Everyone should be safe from sextortion!

Do not allow criminals to wipe out yours, or your parents hard-earned money or threaten to ruin your life! When companies or schools look at your digital profile, let them see the type of person THEY WANT ON THEIR TEAM! Own your life, respect yourself, respect others and educate those around you!

Fight sextortion and revenge porn through educating yourself and others! Would you want your little brother or sister sending naked pics out? No? Tell him/her why! Tell them to watch out for internet offers that seem too good to be true, that people will say ANYTHING to get the pic, and to report threats ASAP. Empower them with the tools shown above. Your family’s money, futures, and lives are at stake!