'Before You Text' Sexting Prevention Course

Welcome to the Sexting Prevention Educational Program for Texas. This program may be used in part or in its entirety as an educational tool. There is also an accompanying test to demonstrate successful completion of this program. A certificate of successful completion is available for printing, upon answering 80% or more of the test questions correctly. The Sexting Prevention Educational Program places special emphasis on preventing sexting by minors to address the legal, social, emotional, educational and/or career impact.


Research and concerns regarding sexting began to emerge in 2009 as the media began highlighting the possible long-term consequences of sexting, which is generally defined as the act of sending sexually explicit messages, photographs, or videos – primarily between mobile phones. In legal cases involving sexting, possible consequences included youths being charged with the production and/or distribution of child pornography. This program is designed to approach the complex issues around sexting from an educational standpoint. The following Sexting Prevention Educational Program provides a familiarity with an understanding of the:

  • Terminology and the concepts of sexting
  • Consequences of sexting
  • Permanence of digital images