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This companion toolkit provides resources and information to assist in writing or updating a district’s Communicable Disease Annex (CDA). The district’s CDA, along with other specific annexes the district creates, is to be attached to the district’s multi-hazard emergency operations plan (EOP).

Online Companion Course

This toolkit is a companion to the Creating a Communicable Disease Annex online course, linked below, that will assist you with creating or updating your district’s CDA. We highly recommend you complete the companion course in the School Safety Learning Portal before accessing the resources provided in this toolkit.

Creating a Communicable Disease Annex Course

Table of Contents

  1. Section 1.0: Materials Found in Online Course

  2. Section 2.0: Suggested Training

  3. Section 3.0: Additional Resources

  4. Section 4.0: Tabletop Exercises

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