Vaping and its Impact on Teen Mental Health

Video Length | 01:07:52

Recorded | May 2024

Podcast Description

In this Learning Lab episode, two Say What! Teen Ambassadors sit down with Leanne Foell, LCSW a mental health therapist and teen advocate. Leanne sheds light on the different effects addiction has on teens, common misconceptions of THC being “safer”, signs and symptoms of what addiction to vaping may look like, and recommendations for creating an action plan for youth who want to quit vaping. Leanne also highlights the importance of teen mental health, guidance on how to reflect on your mental health, coping skills to ease life's struggles, and the significant value of emotional support.

Expert Guests

Dr. Toni Hicks

Leanne Foell, LCSW

Leanne Foell is a licensed clinical social worker, mental health therapist, public speaker, and teen advocate from Dallas, Texas. Leanne treats teens who are experiencing depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, frustration, and addiction. Leanne has worked with teens in multiple ...settings including juvenile detention centers, high schools, inpatient hospitals, pediatric centers, and private practices.

Leanne is also a public speaker and has presented to both youth and adult audiences on various mental health topics. You can learn more about Leanne here.


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