An Inside Look at Starting Your
Own ISD Police Department Part 2 of 3

Video Length | 41:35

Recorded | June 2024

Podcast Description

In this three-part Learning Lab episode, host Brian Clason and co-host Joe Munoz, explore what it takes for a school district to start their own ISD police department. In part two, Brian and Joe sit down with Eanes ISD Superintendent, Dr. Jeff Arnett and Eanes ISD Police Chief, Matt Greer to discuss their journey from school board approval to a fully functional ISD police force.

Expert Guests

Dr. Jeff Arnett

Dr. Jeff Arnett, Superintendent, Eanes ISD

Dr. Jeff Arnett is superintendent of the Eanes-Westlake Innovative School District (ISD) in Austin, Texas. He has 36 years of experience with some of the nation's highest-performing public-school systems in Austin, Chicago and St. Louis, as well as a globally known museum of history and culture.

Matthew Greer

Matthew Greer, ISD Police Chief, Eanes ISD

Matt began his law enforcement career with the Austin Police Department in 1997 and was named Director of the Austin Regional Intelligence Center (ARIC), where he remained until his retirement in 2019. While at the ARIC, he became involved in school safety because of the Parkland and Santa Fe shootings..., by providing training to agencies throughout the region. After retirement, Matt served as the Safety & Risk Management Director in EISD before becoming Eanes ISD's first Chief of Police in March 2024. He now oversees 10 officers who serve 10 campuses with a student population of 7,800 and 1,100 faculty and staff.

Learning Lab Hosts

Brian Clason

Brian Clason, Learning Lab Host

Brian Clason is currently the Program Manager of Curriculum and Instruction at the Texas School Safety Center. He is a graduate of the Relay Graduate School of Education, University of Colorado-Denver, and Colorado State... University-Pueblo. He is a three-time published historian on the topic of Colorado history.

Since 2004, Brian has held the roles of principal, assistant principal, literacy coach, teacher, and community advocate. His experience serving diverse communities in both Texas and Colorado includes schools in turnaround status, design thinking model, early college model, alternative pathways model, and juvenile detention.


Joe Munoz

Joe Munoz, Learning Lab Co-Host

Joe boasts over 45 years of experience in the field of law enforcement. He retired from the Austin Police Department, where his final role was serving as the supervisor of the public relations division. Since retiring ...from the Austin PD in 2013, Joe has been the program manager of School Based Law Enforcement of the Training & Education division at the Texas School Safety Center.

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