Breaking the Pathway to Violence
with an Intervention Plan

Video Length | 44:07

Recorded | January 2023

Podcast Description

In this Learning Lab episode, host Celina Bley sits down with Kate Shaw, Threat Assessment Coordinator at Mansfield ISD, to discuss the importance of stopping a student's pathway to violence by utilizing a documented intervention plan.

Expert Guest

Kate Shaw

Kate Shaw

Kate Shaw is the Threat Assessment Coordinator at Mansfield ISD and oversees the threat assessment program with her five threat analysts. Kate is a licensed social worker and PhD student, with 10 years of professional and volunteer experience in the mental health field. She has served several ...populations who have experienced - substance abuse, mental health crisis, crime, rape, intellectual disabilities, homelessness, and mental health issues. She has additional experience in policy and program development, community outreach, and advocacy. She assisted in the formation and implementation of threat assessment programs in two Texas school districts and consulted in the development of five other threat assessment programs. Kate has spoken in defense of threat assessment for legislation at the Texas House committee on Public Education.

Learning Lab Host

Stephanie Peterson

Celina Bley, Ph.D.

Dr. Celina Bley is the Associate Director of Training and Education at the Texas School Safety Center, located at Texas State University. She started at the Center in February 2019 and brings with her 18 years of district administrator experience in the Central Texas... area. She began in the field as a Communications Director and worked her way up to Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations which included school safety for a 6A District. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy in Education in the field of Adult, Professional and Community Education from Texas State University. Dr. Bley received her Master of Arts in Adult and Developmental Education and her Bachelor of Arts in German.

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