Operationalizing School Behavioral Threat Assessment Technical Assistance

Virtual Technical Assistance

The Texas School Safety Center is offering technical assistance sessions on how to operationalize your School Behavioral Threat Assessment programming.

The Operationalizing School Behavioral Threat Assessment technical assistance sessions will include:

  • Answers to questions related to the implementation of SBTA processes and individual district needs.
  • An action plan, created by TxSSC, based on the outcomes of the technical assistance session. TxSSC will issue action plans to districts one to two weeks after their session. The action plan will support them in improving their threat assessment programming.

Selection Process and Requirements:

One district will be selected per two-hour session and the session will be conducted as a round table discussion in a Zoom platform. All attendees will be required to be visible on camera and have their microphone enabled to actively participate in the session.

Several members (up to 11) of the district's team must be present. We ask that you fill as many spots as possible for the session to be productive. It is recommended that a combination of district and campus level representation be in attendance.

Only the district representative responsible for overseeing the district’s School Behavioral Threat Assessment program will be able to submit a technical assistance request.

In your technical assistance registration request, you will be asked to select three dates. We cannot guarantee which date you will be assigned. Please ensure that you reserve the dates you selected in your calendar, as we will be unable to adjust the dates you have selected.

The district representative will be required to complete an Operationalizing School Behavioral Threat Assessment Technical Assistance Questionnaire you may download below.

Operationalizing School Behavioral Threat Assessment Technical Assistance Questionnaire:

OSBTA Technical Assistance Questionnaire

We have included guiding questions to help you structure your responses. The more information we receive, the better prepared we will be to provide assistance. The goal of this questionnaire is to best understand how your district and campuses are currently implementing SBTA processes. This will allow us to focus our meeting on meaningful and impactful topics.

Also, if you do not provide adequate information in your district’s Operationalizing School Behavioral Threat Assessment Technical Assistance Questionnaire, we will not be able to secure a session date for your district.

Please Note: This technical assistance is open to public ISDs and open-enrollment charter schools.

Not eligible for Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) training credit.

Special Accommodations:

Please submit all special accommodations request(s) via email to txssc_opsbta@txstate.edu no later than two weeks prior to the session.

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All virtual trainings will be provided through the Zoom online meeting platform.
To pre-install the Zoom meeting software click the "Download" button under Zoom Desktop Client or click the following link to watch a video tutorial on Joining a Zoom Meeting. Once you are registered and confirmed, a direct Zoom link will be sent to you 1-2 days prior to the training date.

All times listed below are in the Central Time Zone.

To begin registration, select any date tile labeled "OPEN".

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CPE Credit or a Certificate of Participation will not be provided for this virtual event.

For more information about Operationalizing School Behavioral Threat Assessment virtual technical assistance sessions, please email txssc_opsbta@txstate.edu.