The 7 P’s of Suicide Prevention

Video Length | 8:17

Video Description

This video highlights areas of suicide prevention that schools can use to help improve their suicide prevention efforts. The 7 P’s of Suicide Prevention discussed within the video are:

  1. Policies & Legislation
  2. Prevention
  3. Protocols
  4. Postvention
  5. Protective Messaging
  6. Partnerships
  7. Program Evaluation

While these points are not exhaustive of all components that should be included in a school's suicide prevention efforts, they are a starting point for developing, improving, and modifying suicide prevention plans.

Intended Audience

  • School Administrators
  • Crisis Response Teams
  • School or District Leadership Teams
  • Safety & Security Committees
  • Teams within the school that are tasked with suicide prevention efforts.

Additional Resources

This video references other tools and resources offered by the Texas School Safety Center that may be helpful when planning and conducting your safety and securtiy audits. To view these additional resources online please follow the links presented below.

The 7 P’s of Suicide Prevention Toolkit

Whether assistance is needed to begin or modify suicide prevention efforts, this toolkit can be used as a starting point for those discussions and improvements. Included are resources to aid school administrators, safety & security committees, crisis response teams, and school & district leadership teams in a K-12 school setting.

Resource Websites