Returning to School Safely: Considerations from the TxSSC

Video Length | 30:01

Video Description

This video is provided as an addition to the TxSSC Education Facilities COVID-19 Recovery/Re-Opening Annex, which was designed to serve as an appendix to the Communicable Disease Annex of a districts’ Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan.

The document and this subsequent video focus on COVID-19 and offers information and ideas for school districts to begin conversations and develop concepts related to the re-opening of facilities. Every campus and every community are different, and this information is offered by TxSSC as a starting point that will need to be discussed, vetted, modified, and approved locally.

In the video below we talk through some of the strategies or ideas within the document. We also speak with school district administrators and personnel to understand the challenges and questions that may arise while exploring these concepts and idea.

This video was filmed, edited, and produced by Huckabee as part of their MORE Momentum series:

Intended Audience

  • School Administrators
  • School Based Law Enforcement
  • School Staff
  • Teachers