Developing a School Pipeline Emergency Response & Evacuation Plan

Video Length | 11:23

Video Description

This video is designed to increase awareness of the pipeline system in Texas and equip school officials with the tools and skills necessary to safely co-exist with nearby pipelines. Topics of the video include: how to identify nearby pipelines, how to recognize, report and safely respond to a potential pipeline leak, and everyday proactive steps school officials can take to protect students and pipelines. Also included is the story of the New London Texas School Pipeline Disaster and instructions on how to search for local pipeline maps.

Intended Audience

  • School EM Coordinators
  • School Administrators
  • School Staff
  • School-based Law Enforcement


Additional Resources

This video references other resources offered by the Texas School Safety Center that may be helpful when developing a school pipeline emergency response and evacuation plan. To view these additional resources online please follow the links presented below.

School Pipeline Safety Toolkit

The School Pipeline Safety toolkit provides specific pipeline safety information and resources to utilize in locating nearby pipelines and including critical pipeline information in your school Emergency Operations Plan. It is estimated that approximately 1 in every 20 schools in the United States is located within a half-mile of a petroleum or natural gas transmission pipeline or aboveground pipeline facility. And yet, pipelines are often overlooked when schools assess risk and create emergency plans.

Link to School Pipeline Safety Toolkit