School Violence

Incidents of violence have been shown to negatively affect ... students’ overall perception of safety by students.

Much attention in the arena of school safety is devoted to incidents of school violence and violence prevention measures. Incidents of violence have been shown to negatively affect attendance rates, graduation rates, and academic performance, as well as students’ overall perceptions of safety.1,2,3 According to research regarding student victimization, schools remain safe spaces for most children.4 However, problems do remain. Many schools take measures to increase safety by installing surveillance cameras and metal detectors, along with hiring law enforcement personnel to work alongside educators. While these efforts can be effective, a growing body of research suggests that preventive actions—such as using interventions to target youth with elevated risk factors—can further enhance safety.5,6

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Using Frameworks to Understand the Context of Violent Incidents and Discipline

May 2015

Disciplinary responses to violence have varying degrees of effectiveness and consequences depending on the characteristics of the incident. While no punishment can undo the harm caused by a violent incident, disciplinary actions ideally seek to prevent further violence and restore normalcy. Choosing the most appropriate response can be challenging, but analyzing the context... (Read more…)

Recognizing the Signs of Human Trafficking in Schools

A Guide for Texas Educators August 2014

In Irving, Texas, a teenager was charged with human trafficking and prostitution after police discovered that he had drugged a fellow classmate, and held her for three days while he sold her to several men for money and drugs in exchange for sex. In another case, a teenage student in League City, Texas, was charged... (Read more…)

Addressing Dating Violence through Effective Education

May 2014

In 2003, 15 year-old Otralla (Trella) Mosley was murdered in her high school hallway by her ex-boyfriend. In 2011, 18 year-old Ashley Astley was stabbed and strangled to death by her ex-boyfriend at his home. These tragedies represent only two of the many cases of teen dating violence that ultimately have ended in loss of life. (Read more…)

Temporal Differences in Crime Committed During School Hours

October 2013

School administrators and educators are responsible for the safety and security of their respective school districts and campuses. A key component to providing a satisfactory level of protection is to understand crime trends that occur within school districts and campuses. The Texas School Safety Center (TxSSC)... (Read more…)

Prevalence of School Crime

August 2013

The perception of schools as safe and secure environments is often transformed following a school shooting. The media attention these incidents garner further clouds this sentiment. In the aftermath of a school shooting, rigid school safety and security legislation is advocated, extra law enforcement officers... (Read more…)

The Prevalence and Consequences of Dating Violence among Youth

April 2013

Dating violence has emerged as a major public health issue over the past several decades (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2000; O'Keefe, 2005; Powers and Kerman, 2006). Until recently, incidents of dating violence have mainly been associated with college students and adults (O'Keefe, 2005). Research has begun to... (Read more…)