Emergency Management

Schools continually face emergencies, both man-made and natural, that vary in severity, duration, and expenditure.

Schools continually face emergencies, both man-made and natural, that vary in severity, duration, and expenditure. Districts and campuses must take preventive actions to successfully fulfill their primary mission, providing a safe educational space for all students. Texas Education Code (TEC §37.108) requires each district have an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) that addresses mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Once the EOP is in place, drilling and training components of emergency management begin to identify areas in need of improvement, clarify member roles, and improve coordination. Additionally, the Texas Legislature requires school districts, including charter schools, and public junior colleges to conduct a safety and security audit of their facilities at least once every three years. Key features of the audits are collected by the TxSSC and aggregated into a statewide report. This process directs schools’ attention to the safety and security needs of their facilities.


Keeping Our Playgrounds Safe

August 2017

Students engage in a variety of activities during play time, lunch periods, recess hours and physical education classes at school playgrounds. The activities that occur at these playgrounds contribute to the overall academic success as well as the general wellbeing of students. Playgrounds also provide opportunities for students to interact and build good relationships with their peers outside of the classroom. (Read more…)

Unseen Dangers: A look at Hazards You May Be Overlooking

May 2017

School officials today are more diligent and proactive than ever at assessing potential risks, threats and hazards that may be in or around their schools, athletic fields and bus routes. But one danger is often overlooked and left out of emergency assessments and plans likely because it is out of sight. Pipelines are transporting... (Read more…)

Visitor Management and School Safety

May 2010

Access control continues to be one of the top safety and security challenges faced by schools. Allowing unauthorized individuals access to a school or facility can compromise student and staff safety. To help reduce the occurrence of any safety incidents, this article provides guidance that schools and districts can utilize when creating... (Read more…)

Taking the Next Step in School Preparedness

April 2013

No district or school wants to imagine the effects of a large scale disaster on their community. Often, the phrase "it will not happen here" or "it will not happen to us" is thrown around. In reality, regardless of geographical location, all districts in Texas are vulnerable to some type of large scale disaster, whether it is manmade or natural. (Read more…)

Background Checks for On-campus Housing

October 2013

The safety and security of students in Texas school districts and institutes of higher education (IHE) is a concern for lawmakers, administrators, and citizens. However, school districts and IHE require different approaches to safety and security. A key difference between school districts and IHE campuses regards the student population. (Read more…)