Youth Engagement Toolkit

I Have A Group

Advocacy Phase

The goals of the Advocacy Phase are to:

  1. Identify partners in the community
  2. Take a stance for or against the topic
  3. Get people on your side

Questions to ask while you're planning Advocacy Activities are:

  • Who do you need to include?
  • Who from the school, community or local government can help us?
  • How can other groups help us?

Advocacy Activities Include:

Plan your Advocacy Activity


  1. Select one advocacy activity.
  2. Discuss the questions below with your group.
  3. Identify individuals from the listed groups who can help you.

Discussion Questions:

  • What community members do we need to involve with our activity?
  • What can each of them do to help us
  • How will we get them involved?

Individuals Who can Help:

Community Resources:

  • Companies / Business Owners
  • Parents
  • Community Service Groups
  • Churches

School Resources:

  • Superintendent / School Board
  • Principal
  • Teacher
  • Counselor
  • Other Student Groups

Government Resources:

  • Mayor
  • City Council
  • Police Chief
  • County Judge
  • County Commissioner
  • Sheriff
  • State or National Representative or Senator

Print the Advocacy Planning Sheet.